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Series #6 Puffle Plushes!!!


Hiya! I Found these pictures on Google images and I think the puffles are Awesome! Too bad I couldn’t find the red or blue… anyway My favourite has to be the orange and white puffle! comment to let me know what puffle you like the best!

P.S Monchocho I did not take this off your blog, I looked up puffle plush and that was there. sorry if this is and if it is I will delete this A.S.A.P!


3 thoughts on “Series #6 Puffle Plushes!!!

  1. I think that my favourite puffle is probably the PINK one (as usual) haha! 😀

  2. Mines is the yellow ( Mines was red but i changed).

  3. There is no red, you might be talkin’ about orange or pink

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