Cheats on Minecraft


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Hi guys! The new pet shop is now open and lots of stuff is going on! There is a new way to buy a puffle itself! to take a quiz you click on the top clipboard, and it turns out the best puffle for me is a Green! new furniture purchasing, so that means, new cheats! cheat #1 on the first page click the word “Toys” you have the puffle condo cheat

Cheat #2 on the fourth page click any puffle, (Red, White or Black) you have the Red, white and black puffle house

Cheat #3 on the fifth page, click the orange puffle, you now have the white and grey puffle bed.

also the new puffle food is out and all the puffles individual super toys! The reason for this is….. The new puffle Playercard! if you haven’t noticed your puffle’s eyes follow your mouse to see what’s going on!


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