Cheats on Minecraft

300 hits!


Peeps you are going to get a shock! In 4 months I got 300 hits exactly! and to celebrate I am having a party on the 26th of march and to show how much I love you al for coming to the party I will take a giant phot of us all and post it in the blog for the party review! here are the details:

Room: Pet Shop

Server: Powder Ball

Time: 5:00pm

and I have a pic for just to keep you informed of somethings you must wear. note that you do not need a puffle for the party. you must wear this thing (optional)

thats all.

-beta Puffle


4 thoughts on “300 hits!

  1. great i should come! but you do its not five pm for everyone so try saying what time it would be on club penguin or elsewhere. Do you want here or you working on my site?

    Helping one penguin one step at a time!

  2. i might not be able to make it maybe but im going to Jet’s party on tht day…. i might be there

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