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I met Ac Dude1 again!


Hey guys, remember how I met Ac Dude1? Well I met him again today at the ice berg and dock

pic of his and my Waddle penguin

and his player card

it’s pretty tricky finding famous penguins isn’t it? Like it took my nearly a year to find Rockhopper


12 thoughts on “I met Ac Dude1 again!

  1. Wait Im famous WOOT!

  2. I go on Sleet more often now im on ice pond right now

  3. your not famous ac thats why i deleted you we will nevA BE FRIENDS coz your just a tipical show off!

  4. i neva c u on cp now

  5. Im sorry Ac, I never should of deleted you! Your the bestest friend i ever had on cp plz make me your friend again! IMM SORRY TO BP

    • Do you know I think that you could be an author, but its my dad’s concern, what he says goes

      • Me? I hope we can be friends bp and so sorry to ac dude 1, I hope i can be part of this website and be famous like you guys! Look around for me on sleet im Astonaj 🙂

  6. Awesome AC! Your famous now?!?!?! 😀

  7. no i hate club penguin

  8. i go to school wit cena

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