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New login Screen and More!

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G’day Mates! I went on CP to find this awesome login Screen! Check it!

If you joined club penguin in april 2010 you’ll remember this from the mine shack was a loading screen and kept making funny comments. Also I got two new messages from The Director and G, none of you will decode this!

😀 😀 😀 The Wackiest party constuction has started! Check The places out!

The Dock.

The Snow forts. and the very famous arrow!

and my favourite, the box dimension!

one weird thing is that you can’t get in the middle of the box dimension! one more thing is that I found the music for puffle launch! it’s http://play.clubpenguin.com/v2/content/global/music/124.swf I think it’s really cool that I found it, I even gave it to Sledderboy to put it on to his music site! I hope I get a reward! I will do a different emote to tell you if I get a reward, This 😀 for big reward, this 🙂 for decent award and this 😦 for no reward. ok, Bye



One thought on “New login Screen and More!

  1. I’ve Decoded G’s message. it says. Shadow Guy, Gamma Gal, Squidzoid, Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, I don’t know the S one, Gary the Gadget Guy, Herbet P Bear, Klutzy The Crab, B and B

    I didn’t understand the B & B one but I think I do now! Do you think the Blue and Black puffles are in leauge of Herbert and the other evil dudes?!

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