Cheats on Minecraft

April Fools 2011 party

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😛 Hello my penguins! My Green and Orange puffles are roaring to get outside because it’s… April Fools day Party! here is your first cheat, Go to dock, throw snowballs at canvas (continue until there is a pic of a treasure chest, click it, you now have the Purple propeller cap!

As you can see, I’m wearing a box… well I’m going to help you get that too! Sorry non members, members only. Ok this includes a scavenger hunt. so I’m gonna help you. the first thing is at the box dimension, I know its not there because I accidentally picked it up.

The next one is at the desert, I found it really tricky!

The next place is the doodle Dimension, It’s so cool! and yes I know that it’s not there, the pencil will draw it for you

Then you go to the Space dimension where you’ll find some red stars, its a dot to dot puzzle so you when you do it it will look like this.

then its time to go to a silly place, People will remember that place from 2010, the box piece is where the jester crown should be

next is the stair dimension this is where the next piece is hanging about

the next is a cream soda dimension, I will show you how to get there, it is a-maze-ing (amazing, heh heh)

and last the candy dimension I will have to take 2 pictures. What will happen is you have to click the spoon, a spoonful of ice cream will go up in the air, it will come back down again and it will be empty, the spoon takes another spoonful and this has the card board so then you can click it and claim your prize!

you can now claim your prize, you prize is a box costume! now that you have that you can go to another dimesion called the stange dimension it is located in the box dimension

Welcome, To the starnge dimension!

of you click the locker on the right, you can get 2 free items!

thats all the april fools cheats, but the new pins I can show you,

the yellow puffle pin

the white puffle pin

these are located at the book room and mine shack. I also heard the the “Bumbling Agent” A.K.A Rookie is about! I so wanna meet him! I’ll give you a pic of him

That’s all I got, Bye!

-Beta Puffle


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