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Puffles go Evil?

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as you remember G’s message had the letters B&B at the end so I have a theory, what if 2 of the 3 puffles start with the letter B. it could be:
A. Blue and Black
B. Brown and Black
C. Blue and Brown

What do you think? I also have another theory. If you look at the Blue Puffle, They are loyal, so they could be loyal to Herbert, Klutzy n’ UPK10. The Black Puffles could be used as a boiler to make the Protobot work at its full power! And I know Herbert Sent us a message that he built the protobot, but what if he lied, what if he Torchered Brown puffle to rebuild the Protobot? I’ll show you 1 pic of each puffle and see which 1 you think we shouldn’t trust?

The Blue?

The Black?

Or the Brown?

The Brown puffle is Protobot’s Gary, The Purple puffle is Protobot’s Dot, The Green puffle is Protobot’s Jet Pack Guy, and the Orange puffle is Protobot’s rookie. so nearly all the puffles can’t be trusted I mean look at these pics as well.

The Purple

The Green

and the Orange

Hmmm… do you think my 2 theories are correct? leave the answer to these to questions: Are my theroies are correct? which puffle should we stop trusting? leave your answer in your comment


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