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Sorry Again!


I’m on my Way!! šŸ˜€

I know, I forgot the date, so it will be the 3rd of april 2011. here are the details…again

So I know you got confused as an apology I will make a blogroll including Pingu pengy’s BlueCheese1’s and Sleddeboy’s Blog. Ac dude1, I completely fogot about the date, so if you have a blog send me the link and I will add it to the blogroll. Have fun at the party and don’t forget its mother’s day tomorrow so give your mum a good sunday!

This is really 9:00am PST Because the Clock at the snow forts is an hour fast.

-beta Puffle

6 thoughts on “Sorry Again!

  1. Oh Srry i cant make it cause im going to a friends house who has no computers

  2. Yeah your right i hope so

  3. It’s really 9:00am PST, the Clock at the snow forts is an hour fast

  4. ok back! ps i do not have a blog but if i get one ill tell u it!

  5. wooh awesome site im subbing plz sub me and click my name to check out my site i have an army aswell plz join neddyarmy.wordpress.com i will add u as an editor and plz add me my email is avagirl16@yahoo.com

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