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400 hits party EPIC review!!!

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Yeah, I did my party and this is how it started.

I went onto Ice Shelf to see Pingu Pengy, I went to the snow forts and waited, I didn’t need to wait because, He was already there! But Pingu Pengy didn’t just get crowded, I got Crowded too!

We went to the night club and I spotted millions of people crowding me! Penguins were swarming to me saying “Add Me!” and “Can I have a Poatcard?” Best of my parties yet!

So then we went to the Ski Lodge and Played a few games of Find Four with Pingu Pengy, I Played him but I lost. Then we went to the Ski Hill to Sled Race I got a picture of us all at the ski hill

We went back to the night club to have a dance contest, I got second place, and the night club was packed! Check it out!

I went to the dojo to play card jitsu with some people and I came second, I took a pic before we started the game. it was fun

After the Party ended I went home and Watched the Hockey Game, Ajnin (ninja spelt backwards) had watched it too!

The Hockey Game ended, Blue Team won with 1-0

That’s all



One thought on “400 hits party EPIC review!!!

  1. check my puffle pin post i gave you credit

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