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A puffle thing I made, New Brown Puffle Plush, Club Penguin Sponsers Disney XD and competition

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Yo! I made a puffle thing with all my puffles and penguins and it turned out like this

I know, I know. It’s very low definition, the reason is I took the pic on my brother’s DSi. I copied it on to the SD card and stuck it in the compute and downloaded it. Also Club Penguin is officially sponsoring Disney XD I saw on TV and it showed something really exclusive

That’s right, an all new Brown Puffle Plush! Also with…

Yup, New mix and match toys and penguin plushes! There is a Competition to win; 1 mix ‘n match toy, 1 Penguin plush and 1 puffle plush and some membership card for the 50 top winners and a just goodie bag goodie bag for 200 other winners. I have entered the competition all you have to do is find all Club Penguin coins and decide between,

I will not give the answer at the end, I will give the answer at the end of the competition. The link is http://www.disney.co.uk/clubpenguin And good luck! You’ll need a disney account to enter. Bye!



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