Cheats on Minecraft

Better now! :)

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When I looked outside and looked at Nibble, I knew he’s gone to a better place, and one day I’ll be with him once again. So remember Nibble in your head and you will see that he’s always with you. Anyway, Puffle is still alive! Anyway, I just Logged onto Club Penguin and My spy phone rang. Who could it be? Let’s find out!

Here’s what he has to say today.

Can’t Read it? It says “*Open message – All Channels* Herbert! Are you really going to help destroy the enviroment??? Why would you do something like that?”

Rookie’s last questions were very important for us to know. Also, a while a Go Sledderboy Added me! Looky, looky!

Also, I thought This Penguin would be at the next Festival of Flight along with Gary

Yes, if there is another Festival Of Flight, would Jet Pack Guy Be there? Answer in your comment. Well That’ Everything I know Right now! Bye šŸ˜›

-Beta Puffle


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