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Easter egg hunt now on!

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EASTER EGG HUNT IS HERE! ok, The riddle is: The first egg is hidden way up high, Start your search near a small bonsai.

Click the Bonsai tree

The next riddle is: This clue requires a very short note: Find this egg near a floating boat.

Click the egg

The next riddle says: The next clue is a total Breeze, Look for this egg around some trees.” Go to the Forest.

Click the egg.

The next Riddle: “Go to where the lighting is dim, Thinkof where you most like to swim!” Go to the Underground pool.

Click the egg.

The next Riddle is: “You grasped the clues, You followed the signs… now find the polar bear wrapped up in vines…” Go to the Mine Shack. Click the egg at the Mine Shack.

The Riddle is: You’re almost done so stay on course, Find the room with a rocking horse.” go to the Ski lodge Attic. Click the egg when you get there.

The Riddle is: “Wrap up warm or you’ll feel a chill, Spot this egg at the top of a hill.” Go the the Ski Hill. Click the egg when you get there.

The next Riddle is: “With this last clue, You’re good to go, Start a machine and make it snow.” Go to the Snow Forts.

Click the egg.

once your done claim your prize and your prize is… A safari Park Background! Here’s what it looks like on your Penguin!

That’s all



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