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Pingu’s Party!

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Started at the Dock, Here is how many people were here.

He found someone’s Loose Change too!

Pingu Pingey "Arr! There be some Treasure! Jkm5 "Garr! That be my Treasure!"

Yes, It was mine. Then we went to the Ski Hill and Did some Sledding! Check out the Lot here!

The Ski hill got packed! It’s so cool to be at one of Pingu’s Parties! I Played a big game of Sled racing and then I looked at the ski hill looked at the amount of penguins doubled! I mean just take a good, long look at it!

Double Trouble!

People Double Quickly to Pingu When ever he is having party! We went to the Ski Lodge next! We played Find Four! I played him first and… Lost. Check it out!

I know I lost But I told him it was a good game… We went to the town next but on the way, I saw a penguin and she said:

Can you believe someone said that?! Well, we went to the town next and I got a picture of us there!

I forgot I put it on Low Definition so that’s why the pic is like that! We had a chat there and then we went to the dojo and Played Card Jitsu. I didn’t get to play Pingu but I got a picture of us at the Dojo.

Then we went to the Ice berg and Played Tag! I got a pic before we played.

And then I had to go so I never stayed for the whole party!


One thought on “Pingu’s Party!

  1. I’m upset I missed the rest

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