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Club Penguin Beta Webpage Found!

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Yo, Yo, Yo! I found it! Remember the youtube thing I posted about rollerscape that Happy77 made? I found how to beta test it. Here is how (You will not ge banned) Go to the What’s new Page on the blog and go to the bottom of the Reviewed By You: Earning Stamps And you’ll see that the word “Team” is Blue, Click it and you’ll go to the beta Login page. Another way is just click this link: Beta Test Page

I also have to pics to show you of how to get there.

See? The word “Team” is Blue, Click it to go to the Beta Page, you’ll have to login on your penguin but before you do, read the terms of use.

It says “Disclaimer: This exclusive test content is for authorized Beta Team members only. Content may or may not be available in all lanuages. It will likely contain bugs. It may also never be seen on Club Penguin. Coins cannot be earned within Beta Team. The Terms of Use applies to all content contained within. By logging in, the user agrees to become an authorized member of the Beta Team.” That’s the Terms of Use. Here is a Picture of me logging in.

Once you login it will show a penguin in a using punctuation, letters, and CAPITAL LETTERS! It will tell you to enter a command, type “help” and it will give you a list of things you can do.

ls gives you a list of things you can look at.

play (game name) Type up a game name after the word “play” the one you should type is Rollerscape 1.0

rate (y/n) Once you’ve played Rollerscape, type up after the enter the command rate. After you type rate type y for yes and n for no.

Comment (user comment) Once you’ve played Rollerscape, type the command comment, then type your name comment and you will type a comment for if you find it fun or find a glitch.

Clear Clears everything on the page that you were doing

logout logging you out as soon as you press the key enter.

You can play Rollerscape! Just type up “play Rollerscape 1.0” without the quotes (“) and here’s the start screen.

Here are the in structions too.

And before I actually started playing I asked CP if I could play it first. here’s what they said.

Can’t read it? it says “Hey there penguin pal,

thanks for taking the time to email us. It’s great to hear from such a caring penguin.

I see you are also a very smart detective of a penguin worth the EPF to find the beta team page. As it explains in the corner of the page:

“By logging in, the user agrees to become an authorized member of the beta team”

If you have logged in, I can see that you have proved you’re more than capable of helping to test the game located there. We aren’t sure if the files listed will be used for Club Penguin however we would greatly value your ideas. Have a look and let us know what you think!

If you have any other questions, suggestions or concerns please let us know. We’re always happy to lend a helping flipper.

Best fishes!

Club Penguin Support”

and here is me playing rollerscape!

There. I’m beta testing Rollerscape!


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  1. This had nearly 300 words!

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