Cheats on Minecraft

Don’t do this on my home page


Ok, I’ve noticed some people are doing things that I have pages for. Like for example.

  • Club Penguin Cheats and Glitches you Find! – Found a glitch? Why not give it to me and I’ll e-mail it to club penguin because I got them on my contacts.
  • Blogroll! –  It’s Basically A place where you comment your blog link, I check it and if it’s good enough I add it.
  • About Jkm5 and Beta Puffle1- This is a place where you can Learn about Jkm5 and Betapuffle1.
  • Question Page –  Wanna ask me a question? well this is the page for you! Ask me as many questions as you like.
  • Your Page – This is page where you can comment about stuff.

2 thoughts on “Don’t do this on my home page

  1. I would not like you doing this.

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