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Beta Team back with Puffle Hat Ideas!

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I Thought I’d check if the beta team was back, and surprisingly… it was on the SECOND POST! Look!

The date is not an edit. Go to the bottom of the post and click the word that is blue. When you login, Type in “ls” and it will take you to the list, as you can you can see, it would like you to log in and if you forgot how to login and what it was I Will give you the link here

It came Back with new things!

It came with Puffle hat ideas a new game called “Skyscraper” and Another game called “Snow Cone” Lets Have a look, hmm?

Lets start with… Skyscraper, well, Lets have a look, Shall we? Well, its just like Tetris But Trickier, there are bombs and bonus points! Here is A pic

See, I haven’t hit the bombs, but I got the +10 (Bonus Points) Well that’s everything there is, in that game. But Other things I still have to talk About. Like New Places for map! (Snow Cone is gone and New places took its place)

Let’s look at the new places for the map, well look at this picture.

The First one I have no Idea, Although I have a thought of what the second one would be. I think it’s maybe New tracks for the ski hill? Maybe the Test Track will come to! If it does, it’ll be Members Only. And last but not least The Puffle Hat Ideas!

Well, Before I show You I Few of them (Because there is like 25 of ’em!) I’ll tell you a bit about them

  • All Puffles at least have one
  • Some look good, some… not so good
  • I have 3 favourites, and I’m going to show you them, in ORDER

Well, Here are a few of them

1st Favourite

2nd favourite

3rd favourite

I like these because they are who I am, I’m intense and like to skateboard and I’m also Energetic and funny

Well that wraps this up!


P.S This has 343 words in this post


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