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Drilling party! Very small though. And Series 8 puffles already?

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Hey, A few Days ago, Pingu Pingey, Pokus and I had a very small Drilling party at the dock. No one else was there, Just us three. Wanna see a pic? here.

As you Can see, Pingu was Part of the CPIP (Club Penguin Improvement Project), Which means he got turned into a green Puffle! and got the red drilling hat. I Have the Green hat from 2010, and Pokus has the mining hat which has been available forever. Moving on from that.

Club Penguin just released series 8 puffles! Here is what they look like

I did not make the picture, that is why I’m giving credit to Mxz700 for making it and can I just say, well done! Well let me get to the details of them. Look at the orange puffle, notice anything? if not, look at this picture.

Yeah, look at the pic above ^ It’s a sleepy 1! Well, that’s all! bye!

… Huh? wha? Oh, uh… Hi! Why are you still here?! LOL


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