Cheats on Minecraft

June 2011 Penguin Style Cheats!


After I got my Red Electric Guitar Pin, I went to the gift shop to see if the new catolouge  was out and…

June the 2nd and the stuff that is supposed released in June 3rd! Well lets look at the stuff inside, shall we? If so, here’s page one

I have two of the items on that page. I’ll give you all the cheats at the end. Don’t those gusy look awesome?! Well let’s move on to page 2!

Well, this page, I have none of the items on. These 2 penguins are in the Samba room from 2010! Let’s move on to the final page for June.

I have 2 of the items, the penguins at work costume dance has a glitch will be fixed soon (I hope) Now lets go onto cheats! 😀

  • Go to the first page I showed you
  • Click where I marked a Square

You now have classic… Black Electirc Guitar!!!

  • Go to the second page
  • Click the place a selected a CIRCLE!

You now have the new  The Shore thing!

  • Go to the last page I showed you
  • Click the place I thats circled

You have the New Blue Double-Necked guitar!

That’s all the cheats! Good bye!



9 thoughts on “June 2011 Penguin Style Cheats!

  1. What a brilliant blog – it is easy to see that you are putting a massive amount of work into keeping it up to date. Well done and I look forward to keeping an eye on BetaPuffle blog…

  2. OMG YOU POST GOOD! I’LL ADD YOU AS MY AUTHOR SORRY FOR NOT UNDERSTANDING… SORRY BRO.. I’ll add you without votes… Please… Sorry again.

  3. Dude, I’ll add you as author.. and post good 🙂
    You just make it touch with me somewhere.. like twitter!
    Sign up for twitter, or Facebook and tell me.

  4. ..and make sure that you upload images on my site.

  5. Hi there! Please click my name and visit my site for new updates and a stuff! Cool stuff!

  6. My party is coming up so fast! Like now! Get to my site and on Club Penguin now!

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