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UPDATE: Since only 3 people have voted and it’s been a week. I’m closing the poll and changing the blog name to… Club Penguin BP!

Ok, for 3 quarters of a year, I’ve had the exact same title… Betapuffle So, I’m giving you the chance to choose a new one, You will have 4 choices, so here’s the poll…

In exactly 1 month (August 8th) the poll will close and I will check the votes. That gives all the viwers (You!) to vote. If it’s a tie, I will create a new poll in a new post and give you 1 WEEK more to vote on the last 2 or 3. And the winning on will be the brand new title! I will also vote for the one I like the most, so once your done reading this post, Vote! And if someone tells YOU to vote for a specific one, don’t. It’s your choice to decide on the new title, it may be the one you chosen!


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