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Competition time!


I haven’t had a competition! I think it’s time a should. Now, I’m not 1 who adds someone as an author, it has to go through my dad and it’s usually, no.  So other Prizes, You could be my friend, I could give you and some of your friends a postcard, and last but not least… Have a Secret party with me (you can also take 4 other friends, and so can I) now, here is what you have to do.

Tell me in a comment to make my blog better than it is now. The person with the best idea, will get to choose one of the 3 choices and the idea will be used, anyone who says in a comment I need sidebars, I’m working on them, so don’t say that I need them. One 1uick thing to say though…


5 thoughts on “Competition time!

  1. Sounds like a really good competition that you are running on your Blog! I hope that you get some good ideas from some of your blog readers 🙂

  2. Make more pages, add a blogroll, get more fans, do construction on your site, a background, and a header. Anything! Thanks.

    • Ok, 1st, I have a blogroll. I can’t help that I have a lack of fans. I’ll do a little, I can maybe do the rest

  3. I Think Your Blog Is Perfect The Way It Is!! PS Thanks For Following Me On Twitter!

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