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People NEEDED!!!


Yup, I need workers. I need them really soon! Becuase I’m in the 6th grade I now need some for Britain and Some from America, so basically it’s posting 24 hours a day! So how would I like you to apply. NOT by Email, By Commenting. Here is everything you need to use on your hiring comment;

  • You’re name
  • You’re email
  • You’re age (must be 8+ to work here)
  • Blogs you are on.
  • And finally CP name and Twitter name (if you have twitter) when done, I will follow you and send you an email and tell you if you are hired or fired, got that? Good. See ya soon!

2 thoughts on “People NEEDED!!!

  1. Ok my name is Rowan,
    email: cupcakeice@hotmail.co.uk
    11 years
    I have a club penguin blog called beaboo789cpcheats!

  2. Name: Lauren
    Email: Cutielauren@y7mail.com
    Age: 17 Years old
    Blogs: http://cutielaureniecp.blogspot.com/

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