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Anniversary Party!


Ok. I posted this a day early because it came early! The anniversary Party is Here! Club penguin is still 5 though, they should have released tomorrow, anyway lets see what colours the hat is this year? It is…

The colours are Black, Orange, Purple, Green, Black!

This year was a great year! A new Expedition, and all new parties! This year is never to forget and I mean it, a new year book is out too! To all penguins who joined club penguin recently I can help you on how to get the hat, its really simple, but I’ll get to that soon. First Club penguin is a child Friendly game and was made by Rsnail (or RocketSnail) in 2005. I joined 4 years later (2009) but missed the Anniversary. It was fast for less than a month I had that year, then 2010 I was on everyday, 2011 was a fast year and I like fast, I think club penguin should have a spotty hat next year, I’m getting bored of the Stripes.


This is how it looks like online

To me the purple stripe looks like a maroon stripe, don’t you think so? I think that makes it cool. Club penguin kind of made a cool bug, I love maroon, my 4th favourite colour. Club penguin should have a 3rd colour vote; Maroon vs. Lavender. Although, Maroon is my 4th favourite, I’d choose lavender, it would be the closest colour to white.

Ok, how about at the end of the post of 4 colours and you choose what the colour should be and I will email club penguin the results. Club penguin may actually use the colour that I email.

Anyway It’s time for how to get the party Hat!!!

I have made a picture and some simple instructions on it, but if you want more details. below here

  1. Log on to club penguin.
  2. Log into a server.
  3. Go to town (if not already there)
  4. Go to Coffee shop
  5. Click dart (should be huge arrow near it) this should pop all balloons.
  6. Claim your prize (the Party hat)

Here is the more simple way of getting the 6th year anniversary hat.

the final pic where I show you a closer to the cake and where the hat lands.

Remember I said I’d do a poll at the end of the post? Well it’s finally the end of the post. so… It’s time for the poll! here are the colours to choose from; Gray, Lavender, Maroon or White? I’m so sorry, poll won’t let me. Glitch on WordPress for me. so I’ll do 1 2 3 4.

  1.  Gray
  2. White
  3. Maroon
  4. Lavender

That’s all. Jkm5



2 thoughts on “Anniversary Party!

  1. Got it! My choice is number 4.

  2. Like it? Make sure to comment

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