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Welcoming page needed or not?

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Hi viewers.

So I was thinking I could maybe more friendly to new comers… By having a welcome page! This could be a good Idea! How many blogs do you know that have the welcoming page?

Also, lately I have been doing some of my own recipes! Well, one but it went well! My mum and dad tried it and adored it!!! so maybe I could help your mum and dad turn their digestive bisuits into choclate cup cakes?

The Welcome page is a definite yes, but the recipes page is for you to decide. I’ll wait a week until you have hopefully gotten back to me, The results on the recipe page is going to be held on the 11th of november. but make sure you stay a while and look at all the pages!


One thought on “Welcoming page needed or not?

  1. Definetly a recipe page!!!!! they sound cool

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