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Parent Newsletter Novemeber 2011

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Yes, Club Penguin emailed me and my dad a newsletter on stuff that has happened recently and will happen. I’ll right up what they said in their words.

Dear Parents,

We’re always excited to tell you about what’s going on in Club Penguin. And this month we’ve got a new party, a new game and a new language – almost more new than we knew what to do with!

Party Ninja Style!

November 24 marks the start of our biggest ever Card-Jitsu party. For two weeks, our snow-covered island will be transformed into a giant, martial arts dojo. Players can battle each other Card-Jitsu style in all kinds of new locations. And here’s a secret to share with your child: If they put on their Fire or Water Ninja Suit and start dancing, they can control the weather – but only if they get other penguins to help them!

Wilkommen. Bienvenue. Welcome.

Want a fun way to practice a new language? Club Penguin is now available in German, so login with your child and say “Guten Tag”! With the launch of our fifth language (along with English, Portuguese, Spanish and French) and the continued growth of our global player community, we’ve expanded our team to provide more moderation and support – all part of our commitment to providing a fun and safe online environment.

Solve. Unlock. Explore.

Does your child have a pet puffle? Now they can take it with them to play our newest game, Pufflescape! This puzzle-based game located in the Club Penguin Pet Shop requires problem-solving and lateral thinking to locate hidden keys that unlock secret caves. And get this… while your child is having fun playing, they’ll be exposed to concepts in physics!

Enjoy what’s new in Club Penguin this month. If you don’t already have a penguin, why not create one and explore the ice caves in Pufflescape with your child? We’d love to hear what you think of the game!

– The Club Penguin Team

What do you think? Could be fun to learn physics while not knowing it! So, 145th post, 5 posts to go until it’s party time!



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