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Club Penguin: Parent Newsletter December 2011

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Okay, for some odd reason, everytime I go on my laptop, I check my e-mail before anything else. So I’m scanning through them, and… PARENT UPDATE! So I have read it up and you’re going to find it interesting. I will do it in order!


      Celebrate Giving! 

Who doesn’t like presents? The kids who play Club Penguin sure do, so this month, we’re celebrating the season by surprising them with gifts galore! From December 15-25, players can waddle into the Forest to claim a new virtual present each day!

And that’s just the beginning! Our Holiday Party brings festive fun to locations across the island, so why not check it out with your child?

  • I think it’s great CP is being generous.


        Celebrate Change! 

Each December, we empower our players to help change the world by donating virtual                  coins to the Coins For Change online giving campaign. To date, Coins For Change has donated $ 4.5 M to give kids and families in more than 40 countries medical care, a healthy environment, and safe places.

This year, we’re celebrating the fifth anniversary of Coins For Change by challenging players to donate more virtual coins than ever. If they fill the Lighthouse, we’ll double our annual cash donation to $2 M! Coins For Change begins December 15, so encourage your child to start saving coins now!

  • $2 Million if we fill the Lighthouse! Thats Double!

    Celebrate Community!

With players around the world, Club Penguin truly is a global community. Here’s some feedback we’ve received from parents like you:

Christy from Canada says, “I have two daughters who love your site! It’s safe, fun and educational.”

Alexander from Mexico writes, “I really love how my daughter enjoys Club Penguin. The site has taught her how to take care of pets, play and have fun!”

And from Raphael in Brazil, “Club Penguin is so cool. It teaches a lot of values to kids and also stimulates creativity and fun.”


  • Club Penguin is giving a whole paragraph to parents and how they like club penguin!

That’s all, Bye!


One thought on “Club Penguin: Parent Newsletter December 2011

  1. It’s weird cause im not getting those Newsletter anymore…

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