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Penguin Style January 2012 cheats and updates!

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Hey guys, Puffle here, Anyone seen the new penguin style? If not, there are loads of updates! Let’s start with the cover. Let’s just tell you my colour rules, Blue means updates, red means cheats and green means new.

The Old penguin style logo used to be yellow now it’s white! The “your Coins:” sign is black and a new font! the blue on the side is for the room, it used to be dark, now it goes light! Now then, let’s get started on the backgrounds page!

As you can see, 3 new backgrounds! I got them all. Let’s take a look at the clothing items!

Ok, so, two cheats one old and new item and two updates! The Green MP3000 is awesome! I’m so getting it! I’m also getting that Awesome Bronze Note Necklace! I like how Club Penguin added a small picture at the top to show what the items would look like on your playercard, So let’s get onto the next page!

Remember that sneak peek I showed you with the red shirt and a Tie? Look at the blue penguin, I got one right! but did I get the other?

Right again! I’m getting most of the items on the page! no cheats here, but your gonna love the create your own t-shirt!

Look at that! Create your own HOODIE! I’ve got every design and color except pink! So what do you think of the updates? I love ’em! Ok that’s all!



One thought on “Penguin Style January 2012 cheats and updates!

  1. Cool cheats!

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