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Club penguin’s 1st fashion show!

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UPDATE: I seem to have gotten the pic wrong. The aqua is new and yellow is old.

I was reading the Club Penguin Times, and the first article (or as I call them on club penguin, arcticles) was about a fashion show! Get ready ladies for your catwalk, You may be beautiful, but the boys are totally gonna rock out! Here’s some trivia

  • This is the first ever fashion show
  • This is not really a party, more of an event
  • This is the first event mainly for girls
  • Could high heels be released?
  • Could the new playercard penguin be released? it looks like this;

That’s all for now.



One thought on “Club penguin’s 1st fashion show!

  1. I’m not sure if this is a good idea, meaning the playercard update. Penguin can’t be happy all the time I mean that defeats the object of smilies! It also doesn’t look as much of a penguin as the old one.

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