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New CP Support Twitter

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Are you 13 or over and play Club Penguin? And you have a question but don’t want to email CP but don’t want to email because it’s a small question? Well now you don’t have to you teenage penguins! 2 days ago, Club Penguin made their own Support Club Penguin twitter account!

It is called @SupportAtCP and it is open for questions throughout the week, for 8:00am-4:00pm GMT. There are 8 people to answer you question.  Here’s a pic with their look and name.

If I had to choose my favourite team mate, I’d choose Leigh C. If you can’t read there names, I’ll type them up

  • Adam H
  • Sarah F
  • Nat B
  • Liz I
  • Laura R
  • Leigh C
  • Johnny A
  • Jess V

This is the team of the twitter. If you are under the age of 13, you must still send your question to support@clubpenguin.com

That’s all




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