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March 2012 Penguin Style Cheats!

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As you know, each year on Febuary Club Penguin celebrates a puffle party, but it’s been bumped up a month because… Rockhopper’s quest, Couldn’t Rockhopper’s quest be in march, could’ve been much better. But since the puffle party is in March, they brought a catolouge in today! Lets take a look at that baby. Shall we?

:O CP is limiting this lot until April 3rd and then it’s gone, CP just isn’t nice for that, they shouldn’t do this! For all the the bad things they have done, this takes the cake! Let’s take a look at the new Backgrounds hopefully this will be better.

You’ve got to be joking! A new background that has nothing to do with the puffle party, 2 good ones, and one seriously old one! this looks like it’s from 2006! That’s item’s rarity has been destroyed. Please let’s hope this will get better for page 1?

Okay, What is different about this page? It says “click here to see the boys’ item” and when you do…

Hidden items, for this page, click the red penguin’s lower flipper and the orange penguin’s higer flipper and you will get the coloured penguin or puffle  pom-poms! now for the next page.

Click the pink puffle for pink pom-poms and the green penguin’s tongue  for green pom-poms. And now for the boy items. Oh! And a quick reminder, if a boy sees something on the girl item he likes or vise versa, it doesn’t mean your weird, You just have a unique taste in fashion, don’t we all?

Same cheat area as the girls page. So let’s take a look at the next page. Ladies First.

More Soon…


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