Cheats on Minecraft

4500 coins on CP!


Do you want some Moohlah to spend on Club Penguin? I got codes that are 500 coins each and there are 9!

together (500 coins)

Bigwhite (500 coins)

shrimp64 (500 coins)

j6yellow (500 coins)

haddock7 (500 coins)

arctic20 (500 coins)

epfrules (500 coins)

drilloff (500 coins)

redbears (500 coins)

So, if you want to see what I spent my coins on, just look at this picture.

Yes, that’s right, I bought Dubstep. Members just need to buy a black puffle and then use the code, HPHONES1.

Have fun with your money!



2 thoughts on “4500 coins on CP!

  1. Okay! My new site is up!

  2. Nice!

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