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Is It a good idea to go to this youtube page?

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Ha Bisky, penguins! If you like fire, flames and microwaves (which is a little weird to say), then you’d definitely like “Is It a Good Idea to Microwave this?” on youtube, they’ve done over 200 things in the microwaves. And had over 35 microwaves some Died, some Retired, and one, was undead, it died, and the plate was still rotating, talk about creepy! and one was Holy. It died, came back to life, and again 3 times, and then died and didn’t come back.

WARNING: These videos include swears and other stuff that is offensive to children under the age of 11 (not including 11). So, if you are between 0-10 years of age, ignore the link. if you are 11+ go ahead and watch em!


Zelda the microwave: Credit to IIAGITMT wiki.#

Ha Bisky from Puffle!


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