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Penguin Style May 2012

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Forsooth! The new Penguin Style is out and it is Regal! I’m not gonna say much about the pages and I won’t show you where the cheat place is, but I will show what page a hidden item is on. Starting with the cover.

Cover. not much to say. On to the BGs

3 new BGs, 1 old. Yay! I wish they wouldn’t bring back bgs or any item. Anyway, moving on to the first page!

And on the page there is a cheat.

Now you know what the items are, you just have to find them. Next page!

Does that Princess have pointy ears? She’s an elf! Anyway, no cheats here. let’s just go to the next page.

Now I like his helmet, but I like things on other pages too. let’s move onto the next page for this page has no cheats either!

Want a job this month? get the blacksmith apron! When you wear it on its own and dance, you hammer an anvil! Cheat on this page.

And on the final page, Create Your own Hoodie.

As you can see, there are 4 new designs, stripes, the red and yellow splatter, the shooting stars and the flaming puffle. I will show you pictures of what I am wearing, some are custom hoodies.

Alas, this post is finished, next clue for the 5000 hits party is in the next post.


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