Cheats on Minecraft

Medieval Quest Number 1 cheats!

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Hello, today I will be showing you how to complete the 1st quest of the medieval party. First go to the pool and inside the  gate of “Ye knights quest I”  You will come to a room, light up all the orbs. Not all are easy.

Once you have done that, go to the next room, pick up those items and throw snowballs at the targets 50 times, you will earn a stamp for this too.

Go to the next room, there is a maze, don’t start yet! look at the combination of the pictures, I will tell you which ways to go. Here’s a pic of the first main room.

Down, Left, Down, Right, Right, Up. That is the combination to get out of this brain-boggler. After, you will go to the best room of the quest. It’s so calm, so serene. but here is the last room.

And there you go, you defeated the Orbs, targets, and maze. Quest 2 coming soon.



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