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Club Penguin Sticker Album for UK info!

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As you probably already know, on May 15th a Club Penguin Sticker Album came out. But not much info was given, I looked at the advertisement page in my 4th issue of the CP mag, and found a little more info.

  • A starter pack costs £1.99
  • Sticker packs cost 50p
  • Each pack includes 7 cards (including a code card)
  • 204 stickers to collect, including 36 GLITTER stickers.
  • Starter pack includes 3 packs of stickers
  • A starter pack comes free in the 5th issue of the CP magazine.

Here’s a pic of the advertisement.

The reason my face is behind the magazine is I don’t want my face up on the internet, I want my items, but not me.


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