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Marvel Superhero Cataloges!

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Hey, in the last post I said I’d post about the catalogues, and now I am! So, Club penguin is letting Non-members do more, do you want to see the non-member catalogue? Sure you do!

Now, just to remind you, this is for ALL penguins.You have the Press hat, the Cop Cap, The City’s finest suit, the Up to no Good, the black mask and the Black toque. CP had to bring that back, but who can’t resist buying it? Now let’s look at the members costumes. But one at a time.

This is the Black Widow, looks pretty good, is it me or does some hero’s costume look like a villain’s? Anyway, moving on.

Now we’ve got Captain America. I like the shield, it’s so cool! But moving on.

Now this is Hawk eye, I’m not sure you’d know him, and neither do I, but I don’t follow Marvel. Not a fan.

Thor is probably my least favourite hero, you may dis agree, but its my opinon

Oh Great, who does this guys think he is? I don’t like him. At all!

Hulk is Ripped! Aww man if anyone is this strong you could pull a 20 tonne truck!

Ha Ha Ha! Loki is Chubby! Loki is Chubby!

This is what I mean, Nick fury is a hero, looks like a villain!

Who is Ms Marvel? I don’t know, really.

Nova, Sounds like flame powers, wicked cool.

I grew up with spiderman, he’s my favourite hero.

The lizard is a Crocodile, and A croc is not a lizard, it’s a reptile, so wouldn’t he be called the Reptile?

Venom would be me favourite villain, he’s so cool, better than spiderman!

This dude probably has super strength and can basically never hurt himself.

The Doom Drone, A fortune, but worth it. Buy it now! Buy it now!

And then you have gloves that help you.


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