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New Club Penguin Cards A Friend Gave me!

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Yesterday, I was at a friend’s house, and I went into his room with him and played Black Ops With him (18+ age group and I’m only 11!). I saw some Club Penguin cards, about 30-45 cards at Max. And he said that I could have them, And I asked if he had any more, and he said there was! He was going to put them in an album book, he said I could take them all because he doesn’t like CP anymore Club penguin Fans will probably want me to type up a few of the descriptions. I will do 3 and ONLY 3. First I’ll do the pics and then the descriptions.

“Puffles love them and it’s a good thing too! When they get hungry it’s the best meal to recharge their energy. O’berries grown in the wild and are always in full supply on your puffles player card.”

Yes, this card is called the “O BERRY BUSH” One of my favourite cards, and although it’s a 3 of snow, it’s really nice, where did they get this picture though? In the Puffle Movie! It shows all coloured puffles (Except White, Orange and Brown 😦 ) using their special abilities. And last year when you saw the puffle movie, you see a quick flash of orange. And that was an orange puffle! Well Time for the next picture!

“The talented pianist and accordian playerin the Penguin Band. He’s always bursting with new song ideas and loves to share them audiences around the island.”

Yup, it’s Petey K. Petey K was one of the first penguins to be in the penguin band and now I have the card.

It is not one of my favourites just to say, but it’s still cool.


I think it could be better.


That’s all.



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