Cheats on Minecraft

High Enchanting Area!

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Ever wanted to enchant something, but at a really high level? Here’s how.

  1. Put your Enchanting table out. (on it’s own it’ll go up to about level five)
  2. Put out a layer of bookshelves around it, 5×5 around it. (This will take it up to 6-14)
  3. Put another layer on top of it 5×5 again. (This will take it from level 15-30)

Now your thinking, How do I get in? Simple dig a hole 3 blocks deep. 2 blocks forward. 1×2 width and height, and break a hole at the top, then use ladders to get in and out! Simple, Huh?

Comment how you feel about this.

That’s how a beat a Steve.

-Creeper Dude

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