Cheats on Minecraft

Unlimited minerals on Minecraft!

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Ever been on a world and thought that you want a mineral but can’t be bothered to do so, a dream come true for you lazy people! First change the game mode to creative, using the code /gamemode 1 or /gamemode creative. Then go to your inventory and get the mineral’s ore you want. I chose 4; Iron, Gold, Emeralds and Diamonds. you’ll also need a pick-axe, (I recommend diamond, and enchanting is optional).

I chose this place because its safe.

Now that you have the items out, place as many as you like. Change the game mode to survival by using /gamemode 0 or /gamemode survival. Then Start mining.

Now mine the items and then collect them up. Check you inventory and see how many of the blocks/items that come out, then  use them for what you want.

Found a good seed that includes a Desert well, a pyramid, a jungle temple, and a village! Here it is; 6562788807852359878

That’s the way I beat a Steve.

-Creeper Dude.



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