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Merry Christmas!!!

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Merry Christmas from all of me! Firstly I’d like to know what all of you got for Christmas, and what you’re favourite present was. I got a new laptop!!! So I’m actually posting on it right now! Did any of you get any consoles, mobiles, music players or laptops? If you only got 1 or no presents I’m so sorry for you. But anyway, I’m a minecrafter! sooo… let’s take a look at what’s up in minecraft for Christmas. Only 1 thing is changed and it’s to do with chests. This is what’s temporarily changed for it.

Present 1It’s turned into a present!!!! And putting 2 together will do this!!!

Present 2


It creates a giant green present! I love this TEMP update! But if you don’t like these designs, you can always build you’re own presents. Here is one I made.

Present 3


And on boxing day I’m gonna see my family! Please remember I live with my mother and father cause I’m not 18… yet, not even 13! So I’ll be going to see the rest of my family. So, Merry Christmas, and I will see you later Minecrafter Recruits!!


P.S I’m sorry I’m not posting, it’s difficult to post about minecraft, so I might do them in smaller post, bits by bits.



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