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Happy New Year!!!

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As we leave the Brilliant 2012, we enter an exceptional 2013. BORING!!!!

What ‘sup Miners?


We found emeralds, sideways logs and who can forget the warty squidwards at the bogs?

We found charred skeletons and wither bosses, and they really are like a boss!

We’ve had Christmas presents and fireworks, but not many know how to make them work!

WE have had a brilliant 2012 bringing us these items, but if you want them you’re gonna have to find ’em!

Now we shall find in time what 2013 brings us, something to get around faster? Like a Bus?


New year in Minecraft

By CreeperDude11


Now not all of you like poems, but I am making a build later today! This post will update with the build.


Peace out!



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