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Summer Holidays!

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Been a while since I last posted, and I apologize, but I have a ton of good news!

Firstly, I’m on summer Holidays! Which means I will have a lot more time to post and hopefully improve the website!

Secondly, 3 days before the 4th of July (The First) 1.6 will be coming out! A lot of things being added. But the main thing in the Update….


I’ve been testing it out, gonna be a lot of fun!


Thirdly, we are so close to 10K hits! Now you’d want to help me with this? I need 130 more views to hit 10 thousand, and if you help me get there I will build something for the occasion!

Finally, The Yogscast (though I am not to big about them, sorry Honeydew and Xephos!)have this launcher for modded minecraft, including yogbox, tekkit and Voltz. They have finally added a new mod! Called Hexxit! It is awesome and you should totally play it! Okay, I’m off to play hexxit now!

Build your minecraft world



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