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Bad News and Good News…

Ok, so I know my blog themes have been pretty unsteady… and Minecrafters, I am realy sorry. But I’m changing my blog theme again. No not to Club Penguin again. I grew out of it. And that’s the bad news.

The Good news (mainly for the Minecrafters who like Pokémon) is My blog will be about pokemon now! I’ll give you some reasons I decided to change from MC to Pokémon.


Why I decided to change my blog from Minecraft

  • It updates every 2 or 3 months, so not much to post about during the in between times.
  • It’s a lot of work to post on it.
  • I’m Boring when I blog about it.

Why I decided to change to Pokémon.

  • It’s easier to blog about it.
  • I’m able to write about it without going to far in length.
  • There is lots to blog about it. I’ll update the blog, then start posting about it.

I apologize that it hasn’t been very successful with minecraft. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this more!

-CreeperDude11 Signing off.

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Summer Holidays!

Been a while since I last posted, and I apologize, but I have a ton of good news!

Firstly, I’m on summer Holidays! Which means I will have a lot more time to post and hopefully improve the website!

Secondly, 3 days before the 4th of July (The First) 1.6 will be coming out! A lot of things being added. But the main thing in the Update….


I’ve been testing it out, gonna be a lot of fun!


Thirdly, we are so close to 10K hits! Now you’d want to help me with this? I need 130 more views to hit 10 thousand, and if you help me get there I will build something for the occasion!

Finally, The Yogscast (though I am not to big about them, sorry Honeydew and Xephos!)have this launcher for modded minecraft, including yogbox, tekkit and Voltz. They have finally added a new mod! Called Hexxit! It is awesome and you should totally play it! Okay, I’m off to play hexxit now!

Build your minecraft world


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Toothless = Enderman?

Many of you have heard or watched Dreamworks Movie “How to Train Your Dragon,” You have seen the Night Fury Dragon, By Hiccup known as ‘Toothless’ This is toothless here.

Credit for picture to How to train your dragon wiki.

Credit for picture to How to train your dragon wiki.

And you know what Enderman looks like. You don’t? This is what it looks like.

EndermanSo that’s an Enderman, Lucky I was on creative so it didn’t KILL me! 😀 I’m joking. But the thing is they have many things in common.

Here is some things they have in common.

  • (Not being racist here) They are both black.
  • Though Enderman don’t any more they had green eyes
  • They both have retractable teeth.
  • They are fast. Fast by flying and teleporting.
  • They are both easily provoked.

So there you have it, Enderman came in 2011, but Toothless came in 2010, so maybe the Enderman was thought to look like a blockier version of toothless. This a provoked Enderman Below.

Angry Enderman

So, yeah, comment below, and follow me on twitter my name is @CreeperDude11


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Happy New Year!!!


As we leave the Brilliant 2012, we enter an exceptional 2013. BORING!!!!

What ‘sup Miners?


We found emeralds, sideways logs and who can forget the warty squidwards at the bogs?

We found charred skeletons and wither bosses, and they really are like a boss!

We’ve had Christmas presents and fireworks, but not many know how to make them work!

WE have had a brilliant 2012 bringing us these items, but if you want them you’re gonna have to find ’em!

Now we shall find in time what 2013 brings us, something to get around faster? Like a Bus?


New year in Minecraft

By CreeperDude11


Now not all of you like poems, but I am making a build later today! This post will update with the build.


Peace out!