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Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas from all of me! Firstly I’d like to know what all of you got for Christmas, and what you’re favourite present was. I got a new laptop!!! So I’m actually posting on it right now! Did any of you get any consoles, mobiles, music players or laptops? If you only got 1 or no presents I’m so sorry for you. But anyway, I’m a minecrafter! sooo… let’s take a look at what’s up in minecraft for Christmas. Only 1 thing is changed and it’s to do with chests. This is what’s temporarily changed for it.

Present 1It’s turned into a present!!!! And putting 2 together will do this!!!

Present 2


It creates a giant green present! I love this TEMP update! But if you don’t like these designs, you can always build you’re own presents. Here is one I made.

Present 3


And on boxing day I’m gonna see my family! Please remember I live with my mother and father cause I’m not 18… yet, not even 13! So I’ll be going to see the rest of my family. So, Merry Christmas, and I will see you later Minecrafter Recruits!!


P.S I’m sorry I’m not posting, it’s difficult to post about minecraft, so I might do them in smaller post, bits by bits.



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It’s been a good 2 years!

3 days ago, my blog turned 2! So, today, I will make a build, so epic to thank you all, And to wish you a merry christmas, and a happy new year!

Thank you all, I’m so happy that we managed to maintain it for 2 years, but what would have made me happier, is if we managed to hit 10,000 hits!

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Hallow’s eve update 2012!

Halloween update 2012 is coming just short of a month and here is just a little taste of what’s going to happen in the event.

  • Zombie villagers, 10% will actually spawn as them, 50% chance they will get infected on normal and a 100% chance on hard.
  • Zombies can now pick up dropped items and equip them and can wear some armour!!!
  • Black skeletons will be available to find in the nether and if you spawn a spider, black skeletons are able to become a spider jockey
  • New foods, potatoes and carrots.
  • you can put carrots on fishing rods then ride a pig to control it! Makes it easier to get the “When pigs fly” achievement.
  • And the best one yet… A new boss!!!!!

The boss is called the Wither. This is what it looks like, credit to Minecraft wiki.

This boss is in the Nether and can be built using 4 bits of soul sand and 3 black skeleton skulls (Which is a rare drop from black skeletons) and it has its own death caption

“(your name) has withered away.”

It is the second most durable (hard to kill) mob after the ender dragon. And attacks by shooting 2 types of skulls. A black exploding skull which more powerful than a creeper and TNT, but I’m not sure about a charged creeper, maybe not. It also shoots a blue slower moving skull which has an enchantment called wither. What wither is turns all hearts black but you still live… for a while. So if you want to survive, hope for the best and use strength, swiftness, and healing potion, to avoid the skulls and get close enough to hurt the wither, I reccomend the diamond sword so it would be easier to kill it, but bows work too. Using that from a distance is good to avoid skulls and getting close to the wither. After half of the health is gone, it gets wither armour which make it immune to arrows. From then on, use the strength, healing and swiftness potion to get close and absolutely own the wither.

P.S this is my 250th post!!!

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High Enchanting Area!

Ever wanted to enchant something, but at a really high level? Here’s how.

  1. Put your Enchanting table out. (on it’s own it’ll go up to about level five)
  2. Put out a layer of bookshelves around it, 5×5 around it. (This will take it up to 6-14)
  3. Put another layer on top of it 5×5 again. (This will take it from level 15-30)

Now your thinking, How do I get in? Simple dig a hole 3 blocks deep. 2 blocks forward. 1×2 width and height, and break a hole at the top, then use ladders to get in and out! Simple, Huh?

Comment how you feel about this.

That’s how a beat a Steve.

-Creeper Dude

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Unlimited minerals on Minecraft!

Ever been on a world and thought that you want a mineral but can’t be bothered to do so, a dream come true for you lazy people! First change the game mode to creative, using the code /gamemode 1 or /gamemode creative. Then go to your inventory and get the mineral’s ore you want. I chose 4; Iron, Gold, Emeralds and Diamonds. you’ll also need a pick-axe, (I recommend diamond, and enchanting is optional).

I chose this place because its safe.

Now that you have the items out, place as many as you like. Change the game mode to survival by using /gamemode 0 or /gamemode survival. Then Start mining.

Now mine the items and then collect them up. Check you inventory and see how many of the blocks/items that come out, then  use them for what you want.

Found a good seed that includes a Desert well, a pyramid, a jungle temple, and a village! Here it is; 6562788807852359878

That’s the way I beat a Steve.

-Creeper Dude.


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Dear all viewers.

Dear all of my viewers,

Sadly, I’m losing intrest in CP. But, there is good news, I’m growing interest in Minecraft. So, therefore, I will be blogging about Minecraft. I’m sorry for all of this. You’re probably asking why. The reason is I went to argos a few days ago, and wanted to look for puffle and then I thought, I’m too old for them. So I left. So if you want club penguin cheats, you are not going to find them here. So sorry once again.

-Creeper Dude