Cheats on Minecraft

Debate page

This is the debate page, please use this on Minecraft debates, for example

  1. Colour of creeper
  2. texture of gravel
  3. gravel looking to much like cobblestone

A few rules, just so you know what not to do.

  1. No innapropriate debates
  2. No personal debates.
  3. Only Minecraft debates
  4. No cursing
  5. Have fun!

9 thoughts on “Debate page

  1. I’ll answer the length of the time I’ve played CP.

    I have played it for nearly 1 and a half years!

  2. hmm how much items do u have?

  3. where are you going? you said on your brown puffle post you were, so where!

  4. How many times roughly do you go on cp?

  5. Jkm5, if you are reading this i am surprised that you actually bothered to read this but will you come back to my blog its ok if you dont get back on my blog thats totally fine with me. -Gus (who is possilby making a comeback) P.S I dont care about posts.

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